The Process
Each sandwich starts with a French demi-baguette and then loaded with quality fillings. Our traditional sandwiches are packed with marinated meat, cucumbers, pickled vegetables, onions cilantro and jalapeños.
The Bread
Crispy exterior and soft on the inside, culminating the texture. Extra crispy if toasted longer.
The Marinade
The meat is seasoned and marinated with Yeh Yeh’s secret recipe perfectly flavoring each hearty sandwich.
The Pickled Vegetables
Carrots and daikon is julienned and pickled fresh. This slight sweet and sour flavor offers a refreshing balance to each sandwich. The sandwiches are made and toasted to order. We believe that value is important, and quality food can still be affordable. After all, grandpa would be disappointed if we didn’t.
Where It All Began
Hu Tieu Mi My Tho comes from our city in Vietnam, My Tho. My Tho is a southern city of approximately 160,000 people. Well known for this distinctive soup throughout Vietnam, Hu Tieu (rice noodle) Mi (egg noodle) allows you the option to eat either noodles or both. This noodle dish can also be served dry with soup on the side or as a noodle soup. Hu Tieu Mi is a delicate pork based soup that is layered full of flavors. The stock is slow cooked for eight hours to extract the natural sweetness from the pork. After flavoring the soup, dried squid is then grilled fresh and placed in the stock to add a hint of seafood. A special sauce is also made and added to the noodles to enhance the flavor of the dish. The soup is then topped with seasoned han phi (fried shallots), that was slowly cooked and added as garnish. *If you like it spicy we have a homemade garlic sate chili sauce that will not only kick up the heat, but increase the flavors of the soup.