"These being Yeh Yeh's Vietnamese Sandwiches in Lynnwood, the only surprise is that people are hungry enough to eat such a mouthful in the middle of the day, at what some might consider snack time. There are only a few bahn mi sandwiches on the menu, but they're big, tasty and messy: a meal by themselves, each under $5... I had the tofu; my lunch buddy, the ham. My tofu was grilled, with a savory glaze. I had to get up for extra napkins twice. The ham sandwich also earned a rave, largely for the ingredients that all Yeh Yeh's sandwiches share: the crunchy-on-the-outside-but-not-the-inside bread and the vegetables that lend a texture and flavor not found at your usual sub shop down the street."
"What constitutes a proper banh mi? Baguette crisp enough to drop a flurry of crumbs on your shirt, with an interior soft enough to embrace the proffered protein, for one thing. Mayo and freshly pickled do chua (carrot and daikon), plus slivered cucumber, cilantro and hot chilies for another.
Rising to the bait, I responded in a blog post, giving the big-thumbs up to my banh mi "best" — Yeh Yeh's in Lynnwood, where I regularly have a tough time choosing between the tenderly rendered grilled pork or chicken overstuffed (or perfectly stuffed if you ask me) with do chua."

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